Saturday, 7 December 2013


Finally got the willpower and lack of sleep to open one up :D

Friday, 22 November 2013

Dear Friends

I think we all know where this is heading.

I know I've been putting this off for a long, long time because really I'm unsure if I want to do this or not.

I think it's time we leave this blog behind.

This does not mean the end of everything, though. I'm planning on starting up a new blog with a wider range of stories, something a little more personal and related to me. Leave behind all the old grudges and stuff, none of that really matters anymore.

I'll post the few parts of chibi wars that I have stored while I start setting out this new blog and stuff. And I think we need a new banner :D

And I know you all love competition time so very, very much. So let's make this interesting.

You need to make me a banner with the title 'Obsessions'

You got that? 'Obsessions'

Not 'MissM's random blog.'


Actually I'll do a sample banner for the things I want put on it. Here you go:

As a really bad example

Feel free to decorate it any way you like. Use DIFFERENT stuff, not just stuff from MSP (use paint. Paint is installed on all computers. Copy and paste any stuff from there. Snip tool is good too).  Use dress up dolls, different colours, etc. Make it fun and dark and kinda spooky :D

We all like spooky here ^-^

Entries will be collected for whenever. Then there'll be a vote, of course.


1st place: Full wishy

2nd place: 5 gifts

3rd place: 2 gifts

Please post your entries in the COMMENTS box below this post. I'm sick of having to type them out on MSP cause it won't let you copy and paste anymore. EVERYONE is allowed to comment. Put your username next to your entires. Entries on MSP will not be counted because I can't type them out.
You can put them on your blog or use a hosting website.

Thank you. I'll start setting up right away ^-^

And thank you for all the support over the last two years. It's been really appreciated

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Big Important News Time!

Friends, it appears we've come to a very dark period in our time together: 

As you can see, this request is from Gen8, the creator of the chibi maker. Previously she allowed me to use her chibis on my blog, but apparently that has been causing some trouble between her and her followers. Of course I now have to stop using them, to continue would be unfair. The only apology I want to give is to Gen8, as I probably got her message a little later than I should have. (Haven't been on for a while) 


Chibi Wars may continue. It all depends on what YOU decide. 

Do I continue chibi wars without pictures?

Do I continue chibi wars and shop around for a new creator? (which may take a while for new parts to be released)

Or do I discontinue the series completely?

I guess it's up to you, guys. I've been given permission to use Rinmaru's artwork so I'm currently toying with the idea of creating a story with that. 

I'll be taking a look at votes on Friday and will continue with whatever you wish. 

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Chibi Wars!: More Weddings?

*Previously on Chibi Wars*


*Just a note, we replaced our usual narrator with THIS hothead because she's currently on her honeymoon. With Garry. The camera man*

*I somehow created a couple. Don't quite know how I managed that.*

*I'm going to go eat children now. Just so you know.*

*Sweet dreams everyone*

New Demon: I AM EXODIA!

Missy: ... No you're not.

New Demon: How do you know, little miss judgmental?

Missy: Because you look nothing like Exodia. Don't even PRETEND to be Exodia. Exodia would destroy you.

Chibi Frey: I wonder if he has a second form...

Chibi Ciaran: He did just go from male to female.

Chibi Liz: So he's a transgendered magical girl? Hardly original. It's been done before.

Chibi Frey: Really? O_O

Chibi Liz: Don't ask v.v'

Chibi Liam: SAILOR MOOOOOON! \*o*/

*Chibi Liam jumps on the new demon who throws him into the wall*

Chibi Liam: Oww Q_Q

New Demon: Fine, fine. My name is Amour.

Missy: Amour?

Chibi Amour: Yes.

Missy: *laughs* Oh poor thing!

Chibi Amour: -.-

Missy: *wipes eyes* What sort of PARENTS did you have?!

Chibi 'Kita: High class RESPECTABLE demons.

New Demon: So there :P

Chibi Liz: ... So what did you bring us here for, Akita?

Chibi 'Kita: For your wedding.

Chibi Liz: My whut? O_O

Missy: Ohhhh... For a moment there, I was worried you were going to force Chibi Ciaran or Chibi Frey to get married!

Chibi Amour: -.- I don't like boys.

Missy: You 100% sure about that, butterfly-man?

*Chibi Amour lunges at her*


*Chibi 'Kita hits his stomach, stunning him*

Chibi 'Kita: No, no. We need her for now.

*She turns towards Chibi Liz*

Chibi 'Kita: Remember our deal?

Chibi Liz: What dea- Ohhh...

Chibi 'Kita: THERE we go.

Chibi Frey: What is she talking about Liz?

Chibi Liz: We kind of had this bet before she killed me. We had orders to kill all these people at a Chibi Village. Chibi 'Kita said whoever killed the least would do whatever the other said. We shook hands on it and both signed a contract, but I lost, so she told me to marry her brother. I laughed it off and told her to give me ten years, but I never figured she would come to claim. Especially after she KILLED me.

Chibi 'Kita: And what good timing as well! Getting rid of my enemies by making them family, how useful.

Chibi Amour: I get a wife! ^-^

Missy: You sure you don't want a husband?

*Chibi Amour leans forward and covers Missy's mouth with his hand. When he pulls it back, her mouth is gone*

Missy: O_e'

Chibi Amour: Better -.-

*Chibi 'Kita claps her hands and the others are tied up as well*

Chibi 'Kita: Time to get ready, my lovlies. Missy, do you think you could craft some clothing for us?

Missy: *glares*

Chibi 'Kita: Wonderful! You can start straight away. I'll take this lot to the dungeon.

*She drags away the chibis except for Chibi Liz, Chibi Chelsie and Chibi Missy*

*Later that evening*

Chibi Liz: I look awful ._.

Missy: *mumbles darkly*

Chibi Chelsie: I'm worried about creator. She doesn't look very happy.

Chibi Liz: She had her mouth taken away, no thanks to you.

Chibi Chelsie: ;-;

Chibi Liz: Why didn't you tell us what you are?!

Chibi Chelsie: I knew you'd be mad and I got scared.


Chibi Chelsie: ... Plus the fact Akita is holding you to a one-hundered year old promise.

Chibi Liz: Shut up .-.

*Missy straightens the hem of Chibi Liz's dress*

Chibi Liz: I wonder if she'll make me back into a demon.

Chibi Chelsie: 'Kita can do that?

Chibi Liz: Not her. Her mother.

Chibi Chelsie: Oh yes. Mother -.-

Chibi Liz: *sighs* No getting out of this one, huh?

Chibi Chelsie: No. Not at all...

*Chibi Missy pricks her finger on a needle and mumbles angrily*

Chibi Liz: Hold on a second, I think I have an idea o.o

Chibi Chelsie: Why do YOU get to have all the ideas? -.-

Chibi Liz: Because I'm smarter than you. Now deal with it.

.... To be continued ....

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Chibi Wars!: The Great Plot

*Previously on Chibi Wars*

*Chibi Missy and Missy walk straight into a trap in the kingdom of Blue.  I mean really, wouldn't they have seen that coming? Especially with the creepy messenger woman. But, you know... I'm just the narrator*

Missy: Akita!

Chibi 'Kita: Yes, it's me. Very shocking. 

Missy: No, not that! I want to know why you're dressed so... Brightly o.o

Chibi Missy: Shiny colours @_@

*Chibi 'Kita laughs.*

Chibi 'Kita: I'm here for the wedding. 

Missy: Wedding?

Chibi Missy: B-But I'm married...

Missy: And I'm not looking. So sorry to ruin your plans ^-^'

*Chibi 'Kita laughs again*

Missy: What's so funny?

Chibi 'Kita: YOU are not getting married. No, YOU are merely bait.

Missy: ... Bait?

Chibi Missy: Uh-oh...


Chibi Ciaran: OhGodOhGodOhGod... We have to go after them!

Chibi Frey: Stop acting like such a girl.

Chibi Liam: YEAH! Stop acting like a girl, Ciaran!

*Chibi Ciaran growls at him and Chibi Liam whimpers*

Chibi Liam: 'C-Cause that's my job.

Chibi Ciaran: <_< Damn right it is.

Chibi Liz: If you'd all just SHUT UP FOR A MINUTE I could open a portal.

*Chibi Ellie comes in, riding a unicorn. Chibi Doll follows behind her*

Chibi Ellie: HELLO FOOLS!

Chibi Liz: Oh God <_<


Chibi Liz: Very clever, Chibi Ellie ^-^' *How did SHE figure out my spell?*


*Chibi Ellie races out of the door. Chibi Doll looks sheepish*

Chibi Doll: W-What she meant to say is... *sighs* Nevermind, we'll be back in an hour.

*She goes after Chibi Ellie*

Chibi Liz: Can I get on with the spell now?

*She chants the spell and opens up a portal which the four of them enter through, landing in the hall of the castle of Blue. Missy, Chibi Chelsie and Chibi Missy are chained to the wall. Chibi 'Kita is laughing with Chibi Tilly*

Chibi 'Kita: You walked right into my trap!

Chibi Liz: Well, yeah. That was pretty obvious.

Chibi 'Kita: How so?

Chibi Liz: You're here plus the fact those three are chained to the wall.

Chibi Liam: *waves* HAII CHIBI CHELSIE O3O

*Chibi Chelsie waves back*

Chibi Chelsie: Hey, Chibi Liam ^-^'

*Chibi 'Kita slaps her across the face*

Chibi 'Kita: SILENCE!

Chibi Ciaran: What the hell Akita?! Isn't that kid your sister? O_O

Chibi 'Kita: Ultimately, she's useless. Besides, I have a better prize in mind...

*She looks over at Chibi Tilly who begins to writhe, transforming into a male demon*


New Demon: -.-

... To be contined ...

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Chibi Wars: Back To The Blue-land! ^o^

*Previously on Chibi wars*

*Chibi Missy's mother is fatally ill. Chibi Missy, Missy and a new messenger, Chibi Tilly have returned to Blue to fufill her dying wish of Chibi Missy becoming Queen. Will they get there in time?*

Chibi Missy: T-This can't be real :O

*The castle of Blue is completely restored from its broken state. However, the area around it is like a giant wasteland with ruins scattered everywhere. Smoke clouds the sky, making it dark and grey*

Missy: I thought the castle was destroyed by the Unichis. 

Chibi Tilly: It was. We had to patch it back together using the remaints of the village. Not much to work with but we still managed to get the job done.

Chibi Missy: Where did all the people go then?! You can't just drive them out of their homes!

Chibi Tilly: We didn't. They gave them up willingly and came to live in the finished castle as a reward. It was a remarkable work of self-sacrifice. 

Missy: What are we waiting for? It's awfully cold out here. 

*An icy wind blows and they shivver*

Chibi Tilly: Please, follow me.

*They exit towards the castle*


Chibi Ciaran: Something doesn't add up.

Chibi Frey: Your face?

Chibi Ciaran: That doesn't even make sense!

Chibi Liz: I agree with Ciaran. Something doesn't feel right. 

Chibi Liam: Maybe it's 'cause the messenger lady was calling her Chibi Missy?

Chibi Liz: What do you mean by that?

Chibi Liam: Well, you know... Chibi Missy's name isn't Chibi Missy. It's Topaz, remember?

Chibi Liz: Oh yeah. She changed her name, didn't she?

Chibi Liam: Chibi Missy's mother NEVER adressed her as anything other than Topaz. Plus the fact her mother used to write to her and call her Topaz in them. 

Chibi Ciaran: ... So you mean?

Chibi Liz: I smell  a demon...

Chibi Ciaran: MISSY!

*Meanwhile, the Chibis have entered the castle. It is silent*

Chibi Tilly: Almost there.

Chibi Missy: I thought you said there were other Chibis here?

Chibi Tilly: They are, but they're hiding. 

Chibi Missy: Why?

Chibi Tilly: *blushes* We were meant to be having a suprise party to welcome you back. Please, allow me escort you upstairs to change into something more... Suitable. 

Chibi Missy: Oh, okay ^-^

*Missy tugs on her arm*

Missy: Are you sure this is safe? Something doesn't seem right. 

Chibi Missy: W-What's the worst that could happen?

*They follow Chibi Tilly upstairs into Chibi Missy's bedroom. After they have dressed and prepared themselves, Chibi Tilly knocks on the door*

Chibi Tilly: Are you two ready?

*They exit the room*

Chibi Missy: All of my dresses were gone, except for this.

Chibi Tilly: Yes. We had to use the material for different, more practical things.  I hope you don't mind, my lady.

Chibi Missy: Oh no no, that's okay ^-^''

Missy: Can't... Breathe... 

Chibi Tilly: I believe you have tied your corset a little too tight. Allow me. 

*She loosens the straps and Missy gasps*

Missy: T-Thank...

Chibi Tilly: You're welcome.

*The three go downstairs to the doorway that leads to the main hall. It has been locked and no sound comes from behind it. Chibi Tilly opens the door*

Chibi Tilly: Are you ready?

*They nod and Chibi Tilly throws open the door*

Chibi 'Kita: Suprise! 

*The room is full of Chibi corpses, all slaughtered. Chibi 'Kita sits on a throne of them, piled up and contorted in different positions. In the corner sits Chibi Chelsie, chained to the wall.*

Chibi 'Kita: Welcome home, Princess. 

.... To be continued ...

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Chibi Wars!: The Bad News...

Unknown Chibi: I have to get to them!

*She runs through the streets wildly towards the house. She knocks on the door and Chibi Liam answers*

Chibi Liam: Hello? O.O

Unknown Chibi: I have to find the Princess! 

Chibi Liam: Princess?

Unknown Chibi: Princess Topaz! She is here, correct?!

*Chibi Liam fidgets uncomfortably*

Chibi Liam: Chibi Liz says I shouldn't talk to strangers

Unknown Chibi: Oh! I'm sorry! My name is Chibi Tilly, I am a messenger from what remains of the Kingdom of Blue.

*Chibi Liz appears behind Chibi Liam, making him jump. He runs into the living room*

Chibi Liz: Impossible. The Kingdom of Blue was completely destroyed, we saw it happen!

Chibi Tilly: Not entirely... Some of us survived, including the Queen. She has become ill, close to death. She wishes for Princess Topaz to return home.

Chibi Liz: ... Well, you best come in then.

*The two of them walk to the living room where the rest of the Chibis are*

Missy: Who's this?

Chibi Tilly: I am Chibi Tilly, I'm a messenger from the Kingdom of Blue. I'm looking for Princess Missy.

Chibi Missy: Y-Yes?

Chibi Tilly: Your mother... She's alive.

Chibi Missy: Really?! 

Chibi Tilly: Yes... But she is dying. 

Chibi Liam: Chibi Missy's mummy is dying? Q~Q

Chibi Missy: Oh mother... Q~Q

Chibi Tilly: She gave me a letter to bring to you...

Chibi Missy: A letter?

Chibi Tilly: *reading* My darling Missy, I hope you are doing well as I am not. Over these last few months my health has deteriorated rapidly. I want you to come home so I may see you once again. I also want you to be the heir to the Blue throne. My people- OUR people need a leader in this time of great struggle. Will you do it? Love mother.

Chibi Missy: She wants ME to be queen?!

Chibi Tilly: Yes.

Chibi Missy: But... But... I'm not ready! I'm hardly a Queen!

Chibi Tilly: You might not be ready, but you are our only hope! We need you to help us. Our people are in anarchy, our soldiers fallen. We need a leader and you have been chosen. Will you accept?

Chibi Missy: Hum... No.

Chibi Tilly: WHAT? NO?!

Chibi Missy: I'm not a part of the Kingdom of Blue anymore. I'm part of THIS kingdom, the kingdom of big Missy ^-^

Missy: Actually, Chibi Missy... I think you should go. 

Chibi Missy: But!

Missy: No buts. Your mother needs your help, as does your kingdom. Don't worry, I'll come with you ^-^

Chibi Missy: *sniffs* Really? Q~Q

Missy: Of course ^-^

Chibi Ciaran: *whispers* Missy, are you sure? I don't trust this messanger.

Missy: *whispers* Neither do I. Don't worry, Chibi Ciaran. I'll get to the bottom of this.

*Chibi Tilly opens up a portal in the wall*

Chibi Tilly: Are you two ready?

Chibi Missy: I-I guess....

Chibi Tilly: Then off we go.

*They leave through the portal*

Chibi Liz: I have a bad feeling...

*To be continued....*